Thursday, April 8, 2010

Due Any Time Now???

Karla emailed me to set up a time to do her maternity pictures. She was worried that she'd have the baby before getting the pictures made (so she had the back-up plan of an impomptu session at the hospital, if necessary). Thankfully, she made it in plenty of time. From the looks of her, you'd think she still had months before the baby is due. I was this size at 6 months!
She brought her daugher and son so we could do images for a collage to match others she's had done in the past. Micah would much rather ride the tricycle that have his picture made, so we had a few moments break now and again with him riding around us on the trike. The bribe of candy worked really well with him! I sent them home with chocolate in their tummies and Peeps in their hands! Karla is going to love me for the sugar high they were having on the ride home! Watch the blog for pics of the newborn in the next few weeks.

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