Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emily & A.J. Tie the Knot

After having her bridal session rained out twice and the threat of rain on the wedding day, I am happy to say that Emily and A.J.'s wedding went off without MUCH of a hitch (Melanie, wedding planner/coordinator, florist and caterer had a bit of a fender-bender, but everyone was okay).
The day started at the Church of God in Athens and if you aren't in the south you'll be surprised to learn that there was a heat index of 105!!! Can you say hot and humid? Thankfully, it was an indoor ceremony.
Emily and A.J. had their "first look" and a moment of privacy and then the day of shooting and celebrating was off and running.
Bob Watson performed a beautiful ceremony and then ended by adding "wait for it, wait for it" before allowing the kiss. Of course, Emily is falling back in laughter. She's got such a cute laugh (Pics in client gallery on website.)
From the church we traveled to the Donnell house for the reception. (This is when Melanie had her bit of trouble.) We aren't sure, but this place COULD be haunted. There were a lot of flickering lights and some paintings of some serious people on the walls of this place! But Melanie and her "team" had done an amazing job setting up the great food buffet and Christie's cakes were once again the stars of the food lines. The groom's cake was an Alabama cake (Roll Tide!) and looked awesome.
I was warned by their "group" of close friends to be ready with the camera as they were leaving, so I waited to see what was up. Once Emily was safe in the truck, A.J. was attacked with super-soaker water guns. I'm guessing his tux doesn't get the respect her dress does! He was drenched (again, pics in their client gallery). I wish them ALL THE BEST in their new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Macomber!

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