Saturday, January 30, 2010

I have step-sisters! How odd...

My mom's wedding was today. I'm exhausted.
It's hard to be the daughter who is helping
get everything ready and the photographer who
is trying to document the day.
Did I say I'm exhausted? We had a LOT of
amazing people help out with this event.
My dear, sweet friend Tammie did all the
beautiful flowers, Moma's cousin Sue and her
friends Elizabeth and Linda took care of food
and decorating, etc.

What started out as a small ceremony for immediate family with cake, nuts and mints became a nice event with close friends and family and Sue took charge with food and she and Elizabeth created a feast. All were fed WELL and we all took home a LOT of leftovers. I may not have to cook for days!

My brother Phillip walked mother in and along the way she handed out roses to her family members. Now, those who know me are aware that I cry at Hallmark commercials, well, as you will see from the pics, it isn't just me! The entire place, including the singers was choking back the tears. My mom's younger brother is a DUDE (motorcycles, leather chaps, the works) and even HE was tearring up. I love the Nikon has such a great autofocus system!

So, as the day ends I have a step-father, step sisters, and a much larger and very special new family.


Stephanie said...

How special! I love the picture of the groom laughing at your mom with the cake. That's priceless baby!

Anonymous said...

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