Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Mom's Getting Married - Yikes!

My father passed away almost 5 years ago. This last year my mom met Bobby. He's a great guy, really sweet, and they have a blast together. I'm so thankful the Lord has brought them together. Just before Christmas Bobby gave Moma a rock (I say rock because it is a hunk of shiny stone) and they are getting married at the end of January. Yup, we are moving a bit quicker here in the south this month. Thankfully, she has lot of help to pull this off.
I took them out today to do some pics because I want to do a guest sign-in book with pics of the two of them. Here's a bit of insight into how that session went:
Moma: I want you to make me look like Marilyn Monroe, and DON'T put these on Facebook
Me: Moma stop laughing and look at the camera and I'm going to put them on Facebook
Moma: I don't want to have wrinkles or a double chin
Me: I know, Moma, I know
Moma: Can you photoshop my hair brown, I'm thinking about a new color
Me: Sure, Moma I can do that, want a pink stripe, too?
Me: Moma, stop laughing and look at the camera - Bobby, look at the camera
Moma: Do NOT put these on Facebook, I am your mother!

Needless to say, it was fun to be with them and I think I got some great images. The rest can be seen in their Client Gallery on my website.


Arya said...

You did an awesome job!! congrats to your mom!!! I bet your mom will just love these. I can see the love just seep out of these images!!

Cindy Shaver said...

Thanks, Arya

Rebecca said...

Awwww! What a great story. Your mum and her fiance look so comfortable and in love with each other. I can't wait to see the wedding photos!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures you really captured the happiness they have together!